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Multi-Wavelength Diode Laser – Medency Triplo

Multi-Wavelength Diode Laser

Multi-Wavelength Diode Laser – Medency Triplo The peculiar affinity of 450nm blue laser with hemoglobin allows faster cutting and an immediate coagulation of the site, with less contact with the tissue, not invasively and faster postoperative recovery. The 635nm red laser is suggested to promote healing of the site and photodynamic therapy aPDT procedures. The 980nm infrared laser keeps the great advantages of reducing bacteria in the periodontal and endodontic approach and it ensures deep penetration on the tissue for TMJ disorders and orofacial therapy.

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  • Multi-Wavelength Diode Laser
  • A new concept of surgery
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Small portable unit
  • Quick start of operation
  • Dedicated pre-set protocols
  • Wide range of accessories