India's Premier Dental Trader

Turborock Portable Dental Unit


  • High Quality Aluminium Alloy Materials: Strong Artistic Light
  • Travel Style Trolley and Easy to Carry
  • Full Electronic Control System, Fast Response, Responsive
  • Working Life: up to 20,000 hours (Can work Continuosly)
  • Easy operation, Standard Dental Unit Operation and Foot Control
  • Applications: Dental Hopsitals, Dental Clinics, Army and outdoor dental care and treatment. 

Standard Equipment:

  • Silent Oil less Air Compressor
  • Three ways syringes
  • High Speed handpiece tube
  • Low speed handpiece tube
  • Stainless Steel Air Tank - 6L
  • Adjust Strong Suction System
  • Water Bottle
  • Drain Bottle
  • Foot Control
  • Built in Ultrasonic Scalar
  • Built in LED Light Curing Unit