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Apoza Light Cures

An all-in-One Perfection from Apoza. The D-2000 LED Dental Curing Light is equipped with advanced 5W LED and built-in digital intensity meter, providing only rapid, effective and reliable curing performance.


  • Offers instant cure within 10 seconds with its advanced 5W power output (effective area: 4.2mm depth)
  • Maximum light intensity up to 1600mW/cm(2)
  • 3 curing modes (fast, ramp or pulse) and 6 curing time presets (5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 seconds.) provide easy and fast customization
  • The built-in digital intensity meter in the charger also provides instant output testing
  • Longer durability and better reliability with over 20,000 hours LED life and the autoclavable light guide
  • The economic model (without built-in digital intensity meter) is available as well
  • Three mode presets:
  • F: FAST - full power all the time
  • R: RAMP - gradually increasing power in first 2 seconds, then full power till ends
  • P: PULSE - 0.2 second interval with full power for 0.8 second