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Intra Oral Welder

Intra Oral Welder from International Implant Company SRL

Rigid fixation and immobility of the implants has been recognized to have a significant impact on the peri-implant tissue response in immediate implant loading. The I.O.W is based on the fusion or resistance spot welding, a process which is characterized by the union of two metallic surfaces through the sharing of atoms, forming the crystal lattice in the join zone welding spot


  • The rigid fixation reduces the mechanical stress exerted on each implant and prevents the risk of micromovements in relation to the surrounding bone
  • The concept of intra-oral welding as a suitable technique to manufacture a prosthetic device for edentulous cases in the same day of surgery has been well accepted in the last years


  • Predictable passive fixation and immobility of implants in the early stage of healing
  • Reduction of treatment time for immediate temporization at stage one surgery
  • Reduction of costs
  • Higher resistance and longer durability of the prosthetic frame work
  • For dental laboratory. A simple and low cost technique to create the frame work.