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Dental Scalers


  • Scaling and Periodontic function
  • Automatic feedback system
  • Precise setting of 10 power levels
  • Detachable handpiece HE-5Lwith Led light. 135ÂșC autoclavable

Technical Specifications:

Characteristics Specifications
Attachable tips G1*2,G2, G4, P1
Suitable EMS
Power Supply ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A(MAX)
Main Unit Input 30VDC 1.5A
Output Power 75W(MAX)
Frequency 24kHz~33kHz
Water Supply Pressure 0.01 MPa-0.5 MPa
GT 1.75kg
NT 1.15kg
Dimensions 360mm*75mm*280mm